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The Press Enterprise reported that on Wednesday Oct. 20th Damion Paul Perkins was arrested on suspicion of committing two felony charges, kidnapping and assault with a deadly weapon. Damion Perkins who ran the riverside based Bail Bonds United, not to be mistaken with United bail bonds in Sacramento, has held a valid bail license since 3/16/2001. Perkins was hired in July to post bail for an inmate located in a Riverside facility. It has been alleged by the California Department of Insurance and The Riverside County sheriff that when the man was unable to pay his bail premium Perkins and an unnamed accomplice went to their clients house and demanded him outside at gun point in front of his family including his children. The client was placed in the back of the car and driven around while Perkins negotiated payment for his release. According to reports Perkins and the client were able to come to an agreement on payment and the client was returned home and released. The case was investigated by insurance officials and the Riverside Count D.A.'s office, which in turn file charges on Tuesday,

Perkins is currently being held at the Robert Presley Detention Center in lieu of a $1 million dollar bail.

If anyone has any information related to possibly other criminal actions committed by either Damion Paul Perkins, United Bail Bonds of Riverside, or other employees or agents of United Bail Bonds of Riverside please contact the Riverside County Sheriffs Department.

Now on a personal note.
I have no doubt that this Bail Agent Damion Perkins negotiated a bail bond with an individual who was in custody. If your going to write bail on the word of the arrestee alone than you better make sure he or she can afford to pay.These foolish bail bondsman need to understand that writing bail with out a guarantee is unwise and will lead to loss. If these bail bondsman or as I like to say "bad actors" would wise up, we could work together to actually clean up the image of the bail bondsman.

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Below is the updated court info for Case updated 11/5/10

We will continue to updates as info is provided.


  1. I strongly agree with you. People will say and do anythiing they can to get out of jail. And it was the bail bondsmans job to make sure this guy could afford it, and take a guarantee and have a good signer. I dont blame the guy for going to the cops. The bail bondsman handled the situation very poorly. Maybe this will teach him the lessson to not go off of the clients promises, but actuually make sure the person that signs can afford it.

  2. The following comment was accidentally deleted so we went a head and pasted it as a new comment.

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    I know the Bail Bondsman personally and he would never do this. The truth will prevail.
    This story is a joke. So a guy who owes money for bail decides he isn’t going to pay. So what does he do? Makes up a story and says that he was kidnapped. Let’s not forget who the criminal in this was. The bail bondsman works with the Police and has a very good relationship with them. He is a honest man, who doesn’t need to resort to kidnapping or ransom. Sad thing is, after all the truth comes out, his name and business now has been smothered with negative press. He will prevail and the truth will set him free.

  3. I also know the bondman personally and the charges are bs. Some drug dealer not wanting to pay his bond makes up a bs story and has him arrested and they set the bail at 1 million. I guess out there in California your morals and values are so fubar that you decide to take the word of a known dug dealer over a family man. and shame on you ALL AMERICAN BAIL BONDS for jumping to conclusions and trying to profit off this. I know he will be cleared and I hope because of this you name is smeared.

  4. It has come to our attention that there are a few people out there who feel that the reporting of a lawful arrest of an individual is unfair. So we at All American Bail Bonds vow to follow this case and report the facts as provided by the Riverside County Court system. If the defendant is found not guilty we will report it, if the defendant is found guilty we will report that also, as well as all of the details, as listed by the court.
    Side Note: When a bondsman does things correctly these situations cannot occur, when bail agents rely on the sole word of the defendant they are only asking for problems. If Perkins is truly innocent of these charges, I will be more than happy to express that, but believe me if he is found guilty of any of these charges than we as a company will vow to see this man’s license revoked as well pray for as much jail time as the court allows.
    This is not the first time we have seen bondsman “ALLEGEDLY” overstepping their authority, we are not cowboys we are insurance agents who are guarantying the return of the defendant to court. The more stories like this that arise only further damage the reputation of the industry and hurt those of us who respect the law and offer a legitimate service.

  5. The facts will come out. IF the victim was kidnapped and a person with a criminal record, the police would have had to substantiate the victim's story by other means (video, witnesses, etc...). The police would not just take the word of a person just bailed out of jail. They have to have other facts. Also, the press release has to be based on facts and so does an arrest warrant signed by a judge - a million dollar bail is not just attached to a criminal on a whim. This will be an interesting case to follow for the bail industry.

  6. Unfortunately... Many people have complained that this bondsman did the same thing to them.. Hopefully those clients dont go to the police or Mr.Perkins is done!

    luckily for the bailbondsman, most of the people he wronged dont want to be considered snitches.

  7. I feel like, at least in the case of Sacramento bail bondsman, the profession just breeds illicit behavior. I don't know why, but even more so than things like criminal defendant lawyers, this kind of job that all about getting people that deserve it out of trouble just...causes more trouble.




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