Saturday, February 26, 2011

L.A. County Telephone Scam, From Bail Bondsman in Long Beach

We at All American Bail Bonds have recently come across a telephone scam being used by inmates located in the Los Angeles County Jail Facilities. The telephone scam came to our attention when one of the inmates attempted to use the scam on us at our Long Beach office, the scam goes like this.

You get a call from an inmate posing to be a trustee whose responsibility is to notify families members of an emergency issue with someone they know in custody. The inmate tells the victim caller that they are not privy to the details of the inmates situation and that they must call another number for a sheriffs deputy to get the details.

Well the number they provide starts with the prefix of *72 and than a seven digit number (Example *72-310-555-1212), now for those who don’t know, when you use *72 before a phone number your forwarding your line to the callers line who answers to accept the forwarding.

After the line has been forwarded the inmate can call the forwarded number collect and their partner in crime gets the calls, of course the forwarded number receives the bill for all of those collect calls.

F.Y.I., If you forward your number to another line than you can unforward the line by dialing *73.

If you find yourself a victim of this scam than you should immediately notify your phone carrier to see if they can possible reverse the charges.

Also we have been notified that the Los Angeles County Sheriff is aware of the scam and they have been alerting the public.

The California Public Utilities Commission has also been made aware of the phone scam and if you have any further questions you can contact them at 800-649-7570.

You can also get more information by visiting the following websites

Monday, February 21, 2011

Safety Tips for Parents on how they may protect their Children from Harm, From Bail Bondsman in Los Angles

Recently in Los Angeles a story came about a 14 year girl who was abducted from a local metro station by a black male approximately in his mid-30's, the child was taken to local residence and sexually assaulted.
Fortunately the child was able to escape and notify sheriff’s deputies.

As of the the date of this article The Suspect is still at large!

After such stories parents may often wonder on what they can do to protect their children from having to endure such a horrific encounter.

We at All American Bail Bonds have found the following info which has been provided by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

* Travel with a friend, or better yet, a group of friends when riding your bike or walking to or from school or other destinations.

* If a stranger offers you a ride somewhere, say no, and run away. Adults should define "stranger" and give safety tip examples to help youth, especially young ones, know what you mean.

* If someone follows you on foot, get away as quickly as you can. Go to someone's house you know, or run to other people, or just run away.

* If someone is following you in a car, turn around and go in the opposite direction or take a path where a car would not go.

* Never leave school or any other extracurricular activity or event with someone who makes you feel uncomfortable. Moms or dads should tell their youngster that it is okay in these circumstances to not ride home, but that also means adults should have an established communications method along with these safety tip guidelines so that the kid does not end up stranded or alone.

* If a stranger tells you that there is an emergency or that a family member is hurt or that a pet has been in an accident, always check with your mom or dad or other trusted adults. This is a common trick used by many molesters or kidnappers.
* Adults should establish "safe houses" where kids feel comfortable in knocking on their door at any time a situation warrants it. Be sure to get approval from the neighbors/homeowners first before designating a home as a "safe house." If possible, have a neighborhood safety tip meeting and have residents agree to watch after one another.

* Parents should be cautious about blatant use of a child's name on a back pack or jacket. Kids sometimes believe that a person can't be a stranger if they know them by name, when the reality is that their name was easily readable on their attire or the individual heard a youngster's name mentioned.

* Adults should understand that boys are at just as greatest of risk as girls. It is a common safety tip misconception that child molesters or perpetrators are typically men and seek only girls. Molesters come in all ages and both genders, and their victims can be of either sex.

* Parents should begin reinforcing these safety tips as soon as a kid is old enough to understand, and above all, ensure that their child feels comfortable enough in discussing these issues, their concerns or fears, or any potentially inappropriate events that have possibly transpired. Awareness of these safety tips can help kids be less susceptible to any stranger dangers.

For more information please visit the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Citizen Unrest in Long Beach, By Bail Bondsman in Long each Ca

Dozens of Long Beach residents and concerned citizens joined in a rally today in Long Beach to show their concern for alleged police brutality steaming from the unnecessary use of deadly force within the Long Beach Police Department. Much of the citizens concern was regarding a local man who was shot and killed by Long Beach Police officers back in December 2010. The man in question was Long Beach resident Doug Zerby who was at friend’s house on the 5300 block of Ocean Boulevard near Glendora Ave.

Zerby was shot and killed after he allegedly pointed a garden hose attachment at officers, the officers believing the hose attachment was a gun, opened fire on the young father killing him. It has been reported by other news outlets that Zerby may have been under the influence of alcohol and also that the officers never identified themselves nor gave the victim the opportunity to drop the hose attachment before they opened fire.

It must be noted that the officers were dispatched after a 911 call of a man with a small fireman was reported by neighbors.

As a bail bonding company we often deal with police officers as well as fugitives who would threaten our lives. We understand the concern officers have when they respond to situations where violence may be inevitable. The job of law enforcement can be one of the constant fear of the unknown and concern for their own safety. Law enforcement is tough and we highly respect all those who choose that profession.

As a law abiding citizen, I personally appreciate any citizens’ group who would remind local law enforcement that WE our watching, and that if it is proven that any man or woman who uses the badge in a way that violates the law or ones constitutional rights shall be held accountable and prosecuted to the highest most severe extent of the law!

We respect the badge but will not allow dishonor of the profession of law enforcement officer!

The information provided regarding Douglas Zerby came from other media outlets and we At All American Bail Bonds pray for the family who lost their loved one and if it found that the use of deadly force was not the right course of action than we hope the Long Beach Police Department and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department takes the proper action and remains completely transparent with ALL of their actions!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Bailing out of the Long Beach Jail, By Bail Bondsman in Long Beach Ca

Being a Lakewood / Long Beach based Bail Bondsman working with All American Bail Bonds we often receive calls from the concerned loved ones of those who have been arrested in Long Beach and are being held at the Long Beach jail. One of the main concerns for those loved ones is getting the arrestees out of jail as quickly as possible; this blog entry is dedicated to those individuals.
We at All American Bail Bonds have multiple offices throughout Los Angeles County but I do believe working the Long Beach area can be the most frustrating. The booking process in the Long Beach jail can be up to 12 hours and God forbid if their booking systems are down it can be up 24 hours or longer.

When one is arrested in Long Beach they do have the opportunity to contact a bail bondsman from inside the jail or they can use the phone to contact a friend or family member, only collect calls are allowed, but regardless of what they decide they will have to remain in custody for as long as it takes until the booking process has been completed and they have been cleared for bail. If the inmate remains in custody on an open charge (new alleged criminal act) they will go to court in two business days to the Long Beach court house located on the South side of the jail. The address for Long Beach court house is the following:

South District
Long Beach Courthouse
415 West Ocean Blvd.
Long Beach, Ca. 90802

If the arrestee has an out of city warrant he/she will be transferred to either the Los Angeles County Jail or if the warrant is out of a city that has a local non county agency than the may be transferred to that city’s police department.

If one does elect to bail and is in a position to post bail on a new open charge they will find themselves with a new court date between 7 to 30 days out. If the arrestee bails out on a warrant they can expect to have their court date scheduled in approximately 30 days.

It should be noted that non trusty inmates are allowed visiting from Thursday thru Sunday and trusties daily.
the following are the visiting hours for the Long Beach Jail:

Felony 10:30 a.m. – 11:45 a.m. Thursday through Sunday
Misdemeanor 6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. Thursday through Sunday
Trusty 1:00 p.m. – 1:45 p.m. Daily

Please note the following requirements for visiting inmates as listed by the Long Beach Police Departments website.

• All visitations are done via a video conferencing system at PD headquarters (400 West Broadway)

• Visitors may not have any outstanding warrants, verified through a criminal records check

• An inmate may have two visitations per day, but the second visitation is not a guarantee

• In order to visit, you may not have been in our custody within the last six months

• All jail visitations are subject to cancellation by the Jail Commander

• One child may be admitted with a legal guardian

• Visitation is limited to 15 minutes per visitor

• A valid government issued ID is required

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Diamond Bar Korean Gang home invasion robbers arrested posted by Bail Bondsman in Walnut

Orignally Posted by Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department,

A middle-aged Korean couple was brutally attacked by two masked men when they came home from work to their Diamond Bar home on November 2, 2010. The victims’ hands were bound with zip ties, and a Taser was used on the male victim numerous times. Apparently looking for cash, the suspects then ransacked the home, which is located on the 1400 block of Lemon Avenue.

"While the suspects were burglarizing the home, the female victim was able to free herself during this traumatic ordeal," said Sheriff's Sergeant Steve Kim. "She escaped by jumping off the second floor balcony of the home, then climbing over a wall into her neighbor’s house where she called for help."

Realizing one of the victims had escaped, and not finding any cash, the suspects grabbed several pieces of jewelry and fled through the front door of the house into an awaiting get-away vehicle.

Sheriff's deputies with the Walnut/Diamond Bar Station of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department responded to the location, assisted by investigators with the Sheriff's Asian Gang Team. During the investigation, detectives learned that one of the suspects, although masked, was a Black male who spoke Korean very well.

In late January of this year, Sheriff's Asian Gang Team Investigators became aware of a month-long FBI undercover sting in partnership with Las Vegas Metro Police in Las Vegas, Nevada. That sting had resulted in the arrest of five members of a Korean organized crime group from Los Angeles, California. The five suspects were arrested on Saturday, January 21, 2011, as they allegedly prepared to rob what they believed was a drug stash house in Las Vegas.

Due to information developed by detectives about the Diamond Bar home invasion robbery during the sting operation, Asian Gang Team investigators went to Las Vegas to continue their investigation.

When they were inteviewed by sheriff's Asian Gang Team detectives in Las Vegas, three of the five Korean-American suspects implicated themselves in the November 2010 Diamond Bar home invasion robbery. They included David Chon (28), James Han (28), and Rene Hypolite (26), all of Los Angeles.

Suspect Rene Hypolite, whose parents are African-American and Korean, spoke Korean very well, while Suspect James Han was identified as the group leader.

During the investigation, three additional suspects were identified as having been involved in the Diamond Bar home invasion robbery. One as the driver of the get-away car, and two as the masterminds of the robbery. One by one, sheriff's Asian Gang Team detectives tracked them down.

Andrew Kim (26) of Los Angeles, was identified as the driver of the get-away car. He was tracked down and arrested by sheriff's investigators at his home in Los Angeles on January 24, 2011.

On January 26, 2011, Young Woo Kim (39) of Los Angeles, was arrested by investigators at a business parking lot in West Los Angeles.

Then on February 3, 2011, Kyung Hwan Choi (38) of Los Angeles, accompanied by his attorney, surrendered to sheriff's investigators at Pomona Court.

Young Woo Kim and Kyung Hwan Choi were identified as the masterminds of the robbery, which included providing the address of the victims to the other suspects.

Andrew Kim was released on bail. Young Woo Kim and Kyung Hwan Choi remain in custody on $2 million bail. Meanwhile, David Chon, James Han, and Rene Hypolite remain in custody in Las Vegas.

All suspects, including the three suspects arrested in Las Vegas, will be charged with the Diamond Bar home invasion robbery in Los Angeles County. They are Suspects David Chon (28 Yrs), James Han (28 Yrs), Rene Hypolite (26 Yrs), Andrew Kim (26 Yrs), Young Woo Kim (39 Yrs) and Kyung Hwan Choi (38 Yrs)

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