Monday, October 14, 2013

Gabriel Matthew Thompson, Wanted Fugitive

Gabriel Matthew Thompson Wanted Fugitive, Reward for Information Leading to his Capture!

Gabriel Matthew Thompson fled from Los Angeles in August 2013 shortly after being released from the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department. Fugitive Thompson was originally bailed out on August 9th on charges of Penal Code 69 and Penal Code 1203.2 a  probation violation. Fugitive Thompson's total bail was $26,000.00 dollars. 

Fugitive Thompson has a total of three arrest in Los Angeles the first case was filed on 9/16/2011 out of Van Nuys, the charges were Penal Code 273.5(A) (Felony Domestic Violence) and Penal Code 415 (Misdemeanor Breaching the Peace). The Felony Domestic Violence charges were dropped with a conviction of the lessor charge of Disturbing the Peace.

Fugitive Thompsons second arrest here in Los Angeles was on 2/24/13 for Penal Code 273.5(A) (Felony Domestic Violence), these charges were also dismissed.

Gabriel Thompsons Final arrest was on 8/6/13 in Los Angeles, he was arrested for Penal code 69 (Resisting an Executive officer, a more serious version of resisting arrest) and due to the arrest he also been charged with a violation of his probation,

Gabriel stands 5' 10" and is at a weight of approximately 230 lb's., he can be identified by surgical scars on both knees. 

Gabriel maybe traveling with his current wife and the indemnitor of his bail bond "Kimberly Marino" who is from Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

Gabriel has strong family ties in Indiana and all possibilities are being looked into.

If you have and Information regarding the location of Fugitive Gabriel Matthew Thompson please contact West Coast Recovery Services. @ 818- 926-9114
or you can contact All American Bail Bonds Risk Department @ 866-411-9273.
All Information is CONFIDENTIAL and the reward will be immediately paid upon the arrest of the Fugitive by Fugitive Recovery agents. If the arrest is made by local law enforcement than reward will be paid upon the completion of extradition.

Below is another photo of Gabriel Matthew Thompson as well as the Los Angeles Sheriffs department booking info for Gabriels last 2 arrest. 

This post is an update to the Gabriel Matthew Thompson Fugitive Case. we have added the Minutes orders for both cases that the fugitive jumped bail. Please feel free to read and comment, all feed back is greatly appreciated. We will not stop until this fugitive mans up and returns to court to stand trial and face justice!



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