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Reasons a Bail Bond may be Revoked, by Bail Bondsman in Los Angeles, CA.

Recently we at All American Bail Bonds were forced to revoke a bail bond on a client who was bailed out by our company. While the agent was at the courthouse he was approached by some individuals who themselves were out on bail through other local companies. The individuals were questioning as to why we revoked our clients bond and were concerned that their bonds may be revoked as well. In hearing this we felt concerned that maybe there are individuals who are out on bond who don’t quite understand the complexity of what they have agreed.

Yes, it is written in the Constitution of the United States that you have the right to bail, but it is not written that once on bail you have the right to stay on bail. Let me explain the Constitution does give you the right to bail out but you still are obligated to abide by the companies policies as well as all Federal, State, and Local laws. Think of bail as an extension of jail and the bondsman as your jailor, when you’re on bail it is the bondsman’s responsibility to not only get you back to court but also keep you in line. Each bail company may have its own set of policies which you agree to in writing upon release, but all companies have the same general policies. The following are All American Bail Bonds policies for those out on bail. You may find that your bonding company has many of the same, if not all of the same policies.

1. Appear in court, on time, Each and Every Court Appearance until Bond is EXONERATED.

2. Follow all Laws.

3. You may be required to check in on a daily or weekly basis.

4. If you change address you must notify us within in 24 hours. This can be informal such as a telephone call, but you may want to put it in writing as to protect yourself.

5. If your contact numbers change you must notify us within 24 hours. Once again, this can be informal such as a telephone call, but you may want to put it in writing as to protect yourself.

6. If we attempt to contact you and are unable to do so you must contact us back as soon as possible. We will make every reasonable attempt to contact you including but not limited to:

Phone Calls

Text Messaging


Letters (Certified and U.S. Mail)

Going to Addresses listed

It is rare that we have to contact clients, so if we try, it is imperative that you contact us back!

7. The indemnitor or Guarantor request, in writing, that we do so. This is normally the case when the indemnitor feels that the defendant out on bail is not abiding by the agreed upon requirements.

8. Any additional Court Requirements to be stated by the Judge.

Now the above listed are reasons that a bail company may revoke a bond, the following is a reason that a bond MAY NOT be revoked.

1. NON-PAY. Yes, it is not an acceptable (the word "illegal" has been removed) for a bonding company to revoke a bail bond when any amount of the bail premium has been paid. If the defendant or indemnitor fails to make any payments it turns into a civil matter and can be handled with any form of LEGAL collection method.

If it is found that a bonding company revokes a bond for non-pay than they may be ordered to return the entire paid premium and may possibility held to answer to their local licensing agency, in California it is the California Department of Insurance.


When a bail bond gets revoked it must be noted that there may be additional costs involved and per the contract those additional fees can and most likely will be passed to the financially responsible parties. Yes that’s right, If a bonding company legally revokes a bail bond they can go after anyone who signed the contract. We as a company have had to revoke bonds and have passed all cost to those who signed.
Bail Bonding companies are businesses and no one works for free, that includes those individuals who work for the companies, they must be compensated for their service, and there are often additional court cost that must be paid as well.


We at All American Bail Bonds know there are many shady bail bonding companies out there, but were not one of them.

We are not the run of the mill company who will write any bond without the considering liability or “risk”. When legitimate companies write bail they are in a sense putting up their own money and assets. If you are considered a high risk client, than expect for your bail bonding company to want to keep an eye on you, this is the nature of the business!

If you feel that you have been treated unfairly by your bail bonding company than contact the licensing agency in the state in which the company operates.

The following information is for those companies operating in California

The California Department of Insurance

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lancaster Sheriffs Deputy shot at in Lancaster Ca, By Bail Bondsman in Lancaster

It has been reported that on October 30 2010, a Sheriffs Deputy was allegedly shot at by two individuals while the Deputy was attempting to turn around his marked sheriffs car. The deputy attempted to conduct a traffic stop of a car for not having a front license plate (a vehicle code violation), near 10th Street West and Jackman Avenue, Lancaster Ca.
After the shots were heard and the muzzle flash was seen, the Deputy was able to call in the incident requesting immediate support as well as a containment area to be created.

The suspects quickly sped off and were captured shortly there after while attempting to flee the containment area. Two Suspects were taken into custody,
Suspects under arrest:

Christopher Orlando Pinn, male Black, 25 years old, resident of Lancaster, gang member on parole

Shayla Janelle Harper, female Black, 26 years old, resident of Lancaster.

Harper has been released and Pinn who is currently being held at Los Angeles County Jail with a Parole Hold and $2,000,000 Dollar Bail. Pinns next court date will be on November 16 at Lancaster Court House in the Antelope Valley.

All American Bail Bonds is happy to write that the deputy was not injured and the final arrest occurred without incident.

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For more information please contact the Lancaster Sheriff Station or the Los Angeles County Sheriffis Department.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Long Beach Police Department Contact Information, By Bail Bondsman in Long Beach

Please Note all Numbers are (562) area code.

EMERGENCY 911 24 hours

POLICE DISPATCH 435-6711 24 Hours

GENERAL INFORMATION 570-7260 24 hours

Graffiti Removal/Hotline 570-2773 24 hours


Office of the Chief of Police 570-7301 8am-5pm

Internal Affairs 570-7343 7am-6pm

Media Relations 570-5273 8am-5pm


Financial Management Division 570-5668 8am-5pm

Personnel Division 570-7120 8am-5pm

Volunteers 570-5299 8am-5pm

Records and Technology Division

Records Inquiry Desk 570-7381 M-F 7am-7:30pm Sat. 9am-1pm

(Closed Last Sat. of Every Month)

Auto Records 570-7475 24 Hours


Detective Division 570-7218 7am-6pm

Auto Theft 570-7362 7am-6pm

Burglary 570-7351 7am-6pm

Computer Crimes 570-7223 7am-6pm

Forgery/Fraud 570-7330 7am-6pm

Identity Theft 570-7602 7am-6pm

Labor Relations 570-7219 8am-6pm

Permits/Licensing 570-7219 8am-6pm

Vice Section 570-7219 8am-6pm

Family Services Division

Child Abuse 570-7321 7am-6pm

Domestic Violence 570-7277 7am-6pm

Sex Crimes 570-7368 7am-6pm

Forensic Science Services Division 570-7701 8am-5pm

Bicycle Warehouse 570-1075 12pm-4:30pm

Property Detail 570-7660 6:30am-5pm

Gang & Violent Crimes Division 570-5529 7am-6pm

C-CAT 570-7231 7am-6pm

Gang Section 570-7370 7am-6pm

Homicide 570-7244 7am-6pm

Narcotics (Complaints) 570-7221 7am-6pm

Narcotics (24 Hour Hotline) 570-7125 24 Hours

Robbery 570-7464 7am-6pm

Violent Crimes 570-7250 7am-6pm

Youth Services Division 570-1425 24 Hours

Missing Person Reports 570-1425 24 Hours

PATROL BUREAU-570-7214 8am-5pm

South Patrol Division (Headquarters) - 400 W. Broadway 570-7260 24 hours

North Patrol Division - 4891 Atlantic Avenue 570-9800 Call for hours

East Patrol Division - 4800 Los Coyotes Diagonal 570-5880 Call for hours

West Patrol Division - 1835 Santa Fe 570-3400 Call for hours

Field Support Division

Accident Investigations 570-7355 7am-6pm

Marine Patrol 570-3246 8am-5pm

Reserves 570-7338 7am-6pm


570-7209 8am-5pm

Crime Prevention / Neighborhood Watch

570-7229 8am-5pm

Resource/Community Policing Center

1320 Gaviota Ave 570-1691 9am-5pm

1004 E. 7th St. 570-1114 9am-5pm

910 Daisy Ave. 570-1146 9am-5pm

2023 Pacific Ave. 570-1100 9am-5pm

SUPPORT BUREAU-570-7342 8am-5pm

Jail and Arrest Information 570-7260 or 570-7320 24 Hours

Bail Bonding Company

All Amerian Bail Bonds 562-867-7900

Eco-Bail Bonds 562-435-6777

Police Academy/Training 570-5890 7am-5pm

Long Beach Police Department positions to be saved! By Bail Bondsman in Long Beach

Long Beach- A dozen or more positions could be saved from the up to 76  possible that could be cut do to a city budget crisis.

During a meeting of the City Council's Budget Oversight Committee at City Hall, Director if Financial Management said that the cutting the proposed Long Beach Police Department academy for the 2011 year could save the city $1.5 million dollars.

4th District Councilman Patrick O'Donnell said "The proposition of laying off and then three months later starting an academy is darn foolish." Councilman Patrick O'Donnell is a member of the committee along with 3rd District Councilman Gary DeLong and 2nd District Councilwoman Suja Lowenthal.

Lori Ann Farrell, who is the Director of Financial Management said that more than 20 Police officers could

potentially be laid off because of planned cuts to help eliminate an $18.5 million general fund deficit.

Braden Phillips who is the Bureau Chief of  Police Administration Bureau  said that he didn't yet know exactly how many positions the $1.5 million would save, but that likely one sergeant and 11 police officers would be preserved.

City Manager Pat West's proposed budget calls for "Plan A" cuts and more draconian "Plan B" cuts, which would be necessary only if city employee associations don't agree to freeze their pay.

Plan B appears to be a growing certainty, especially for the police, whose association president has said officers aren't going to forgo their pay raises. Mayor Bob Foster told the Press-Telegram Tuesday that Plan B cuts "are going to go ahead" without contract concessions.

The Plan A police cuts would eliminate 27 sworn police positions, which are all vacant, and outsource school crossing guards, along with a few other cuts to save $3.8 million.

The Plan B police budget would cut 44 patrol officers and five patrol sergeants and their vehicles to save $6 million.

The $1.5 million police academy funding had been placed among the Plan B reductions to give the council another savings option, but it isn't necessary to make up for the police officers' pay raises, Farrell said.

This article was originally posted on 9/08/10 by the Press Telegram, We at All American Bail Bonds felt it was relevant to our commitment to post information on Bail Bonds and Law Enforcement.

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