Saturday, February 12, 2011

Citizen Unrest in Long Beach, By Bail Bondsman in Long each Ca

Dozens of Long Beach residents and concerned citizens joined in a rally today in Long Beach to show their concern for alleged police brutality steaming from the unnecessary use of deadly force within the Long Beach Police Department. Much of the citizens concern was regarding a local man who was shot and killed by Long Beach Police officers back in December 2010. The man in question was Long Beach resident Doug Zerby who was at friend’s house on the 5300 block of Ocean Boulevard near Glendora Ave.

Zerby was shot and killed after he allegedly pointed a garden hose attachment at officers, the officers believing the hose attachment was a gun, opened fire on the young father killing him. It has been reported by other news outlets that Zerby may have been under the influence of alcohol and also that the officers never identified themselves nor gave the victim the opportunity to drop the hose attachment before they opened fire.

It must be noted that the officers were dispatched after a 911 call of a man with a small fireman was reported by neighbors.

As a bail bonding company we often deal with police officers as well as fugitives who would threaten our lives. We understand the concern officers have when they respond to situations where violence may be inevitable. The job of law enforcement can be one of the constant fear of the unknown and concern for their own safety. Law enforcement is tough and we highly respect all those who choose that profession.

As a law abiding citizen, I personally appreciate any citizens’ group who would remind local law enforcement that WE our watching, and that if it is proven that any man or woman who uses the badge in a way that violates the law or ones constitutional rights shall be held accountable and prosecuted to the highest most severe extent of the law!

We respect the badge but will not allow dishonor of the profession of law enforcement officer!

The information provided regarding Douglas Zerby came from other media outlets and we At All American Bail Bonds pray for the family who lost their loved one and if it found that the use of deadly force was not the right course of action than we hope the Long Beach Police Department and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department takes the proper action and remains completely transparent with ALL of their actions!

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