Friday, December 31, 2010

Signature Bond Defined, By Bail Bondsman in Long Beach Ca

This Portion is written by All American Bail Bonds Customer Service @ 866-743-8688

The second part of Bail Bonds Terms defined.

We will give those interested a brief definition of what the term "Signature Bond" means.

A signature bond is basically a bond written with no collateral.
Instead, a good signer (indemnitor) whose guarantying the bond.
It should be mentioned that a signature bond may also be called a no collateral bond.

The following are answers to a few questions received during a recent focus group on Bail Bonds

Do all companies offer signature bonds?

We have found that most of the larger companies do write signature bonds but their requirements and limitations usually vary.

What are the most common requirements for a signature bond to be written?

We can only speak for our company; our requirements always vary depending on the dollar amount of the bond as well as the charges that the defendant is being charged.

We at All American Bail Bonds will often look at employment, credit or a combination of the two to determine if a signature bond is to be approved.

Off the record:
Being an agent myself for a couple of years with this company I can tell you that All American Bail Bonds follows a strict guideline “If You Work You Bail,” as the saying goes. As a larger company dedicated to customer service and promoting a positive image of the bail bonding industry All American Bail Bonds will do everything within reason to get your bond approved without any or very little collateral.

Can the person in jail (defendant) qualify for a signature bond himself without the additional help of anyone else?

This is a tough one to answer with a yes or no; in order for the defendant to qualify with a signature bond only, we would have to look at not only the charges but as well as the defendants criminal history, job history, and credit history.

It should be noted that All American Bail Bonds will usually avoid writing a signature bond only when there are no other individuals or collateral involved in the security of the bail bond. The company has approved these types of bonds but normally will look for other signers.

With Signature Bonds can we still do payment plans if the full percentage is not an option?

All American Bail Bonds prides itself on its policy of the “bail now pay later” program.

Of course in order to qualify for a signature bond with no money down the company will require solid co-signers whose good name will be used to guarantee not only the bail premium but as well as the full face value of the bond.

We hope this information has been helpful, as the days go by we will continue to write additional blogs to better help the public understand the bail bond industry.

“Because You Have the Right to Bail”
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