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Isidro Chavez Peralta charged with felony hit and run and vehicular manslaughter in Lancaster, from bail bondsman in Lancaster

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We have recently been informed of a story on an individual by the name of Israel Chavez Peralta, who was arrested on April 29th 2011 for suspicition of Felony Hit run while intoxicated, as well as 2nd Degree Murder. Peraltas bail is currently set at $1,050.000.00 Dollars.

Please read the following story on how Israel Peralta, a resident of the Antelope Valley area was arrested.

The Following information was provided by the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Depatment.

Hit & run fatality suspect drives into DUI checkpoint - Felony charges filed

A suspect in a hit and run fatality while driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) has been charged with Second Degree Murder, Felony DUI, & Hit and Run from a traffic collision. 
The incident began Friday, April 29, 2011, at 11:30 PM, when Lancaster Sheriff’s Station deputies were working a DUI Checkpoint in the westbound lanes of the 800 block of West Avenue J (two tenths of a mile east of 10th Street West), in the City of Lancaster. 

The sound of squealing tires drew the deputies attention to a 1996 black Ford Mustang. The Mustang was turning onto eastbound avenue J, from northbound 10th Street West. The Mustang drove east right past the DUI Checkpoint, on the opposite side of the roadway. 

Deputies noticed the Mustang had a headlight out and a large portion of its windshield was shattered. Deputies Steve Owen and Mark Donnel quickly jumped into a patrol car and drove after the Mustang. They conducted a traffic stop near Avenue J and Sierra Highway in the City of Lancaster. 

Upon contacting the driver, (Suspect) Isidro Peralta, a 24 year old Hispanic male resident of the nearby town of Littlerock, the deputies noticed the driver displayed symptoms of being under the influence of alcohol, and they detained him while investigating further. 

They inspected the vehicle and found it had major collision damage and what appeared to be fresh blood, on the front bumper area, and on the shattered windshield. 

Due to the deputies observations, they were concerned that a serious hit and run incident had possibly just occurred. 

They quickly broadcast over sheriff’s radio to all Lancaster Station sheriff’s deputies, and explained what they had found. They directed deputies to search 10th Street West, from the direction the Mustang was first seen coming from, for a possible hit and run victim. 

A short time later, deputies located a male Black adult lying in the middle of the northbound lanes of 10th Street West near Avenue J-8, in the City of Lancaster. 

They noticed the victim had sustained major injuries consistent with having been struck by a vehicle, and they found no signs that he was alive. The deputies immediately called for paramedics to respond. The deputies tried reviving the victim, to no avail. 

Paramedics from Los Angeles County Fire Engine Company # 33, arrived a short time later and evaluated the victim. 

The victim was pronounced dead at the scene by Los Angeles County Fire Department paramedics. He was later identified as Curly Junior Ross, a 50-year old resident of the city of Lancaster. 

Suspect Peralta was ultimately arrested for suspicion of D.U.I., Felony Hit and Run, and Vehicular Manslaughter. 

This case is being investigated by Lancaster Sheriff’s Station Traffic Investigators of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. If you have any information about this incident, please contact them at (661)661-948-8466.

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