Friday, November 25, 2011

3 Arrested for Assault with Machete; 2 more arrested after $3M Marijuana Grow house found From Bail Bondsman in Rosemead

A October 19, 2011 assault with a deadly weapon in Rosemead resulted in five arrests on Wednesday, November 23.

During the incident, nine male Chinese-American suspects assaulted three victims using what the victims described as a machete.
One adult and two juvenile victims suffered lacerations but none of the injuries were life threatening. The suspects were alleged members of the “Asian Boyz” street gang.

Investigators from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department - Operation Safe Streets Bureau, Asian Gang Team immediately responded and investigated the incident. During the investigation, victims of the assault identified five of the nine suspects. Three of the suspects were juveniles and two were adults. Investigators arrested one juvenile suspect almost immediately at his home in El Monte. He was booked at Temple Sheriff’s Station and later transported to Eastlake Juvenile Hall.

Wednesday morning, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s investigators served search warrants at the homes of the four remaining suspects, all located in the city of Rosemead. When Investigators entered the home of suspect Fernando Lam (18) located at the 9300 block of Pitkin Street, they discovered an indoor marijuana grow.

A total of about 1,400 marijuana plants in various stages of growth were seized from the house. The estimated total street value of the seized marijuana is about $3 million.

Suspect Fernando Lam was located at home adjacent to the indoor marijuana grow. He was arrested for the October assault. Investigators searched that house and found numerous Ecstasy pills and Methamphetamine. Lam’s brother, Antonio Lam (21), was arrested for being in possession of Ecstasy pills. Lam’s sister, Karina Lam (20), was arrested for being in possession of Ecstasy pills and Methamphetamine. All three suspects were booked at Temple Sheriff’s Station.

The juvenile suspects of the assault were located in their respective homes. They were booked at Temple Sheriff’s Station and later transported to Eastlake Juvenile Hall.

Leon Quoc Phang (18), a resident of Rosemead, the other adult assault suspect, is being sought by sheriff’s investigators, who recommend he turn himself in.

The investigation into the indoor marijuana grow is still on-going.

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