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     The date is May 26th, 2012. It's a cool May Saturday morning, and it just so happens to be Memorial Day weekend. I am a licensed bail agent with All American Bail Bonds out of our Lakewood Ca office. From this point I will be called Bail agent 1. This morning I get a call from our Palmdale head office that I and another agent need to get over to Garden Grove to check on the status of a client who two days before was elevated to fugitive status for failing to appear in court a weak prior and dropping out of communication.
I bail agent 1 and bail agent 2 grabbed our gear and departed from our lakewood bail bonding office @ 5517 E Del Amo Blvd Lakewood Ca 90713 and we headed over to the clients address in Garden Grove. We arrived at our destination around 9:00 in the morning and we decided to park around the corner from the apartment complex.
     We were able to gain entry to the apartment complex through a door that had just been opened by another tenant and proceeded to look for the fugitives apartment. The apartment was located in the back of the complex on the first floor of a two story building. Once we located the apartment, not knowing what to expect, we immediately began to look for other exits or avenues of escape in the event the fugitive elects to run. The apartment unit was on the first floor of a second story building but directly beneath it was a parking spaces, the back window must have had at least a good 10 ft drop. We looked for the fugitives car or at least what we believed that she was driving with no success. Once we determined that we could safely approach the door, without fear of the fugitive running, we went to attempt to make contact. Now at this point the client is a fugitive but has been remaining in contact for the most part and we didn't feel that she was truly running but just needed to be nudged back to court or escorted back in hand cuffs. We attempted to make contact by knocking on the front door, at this point we were there as bail bondsman not fugitive recovery agents, no one answered the door. We spoke to some neighbors who did confirm that the fugitive was living there and to their knowledge she was there the night before with her boyfriend, he himself in out and out of jail on drug charges. The neighbors also told us that they had seen suspicious activity, from the apartment, what they believed were drug deals between the occupants and people stopping by. It was also brought to our attention that there is a possibility that the occupants of the apartment maybe manufacturing methamphetamine, as well as selling. I bail agent 1 asked one of the neighbors to give me a call when the occupants return, assuring him that at this point we will be taking the fugitive into custody;. and being that she has a no bail warrant out of Los Angeles County, she would not be returning in the near future.

     The time is approximately midnight and I receive a call from our informant, a neighbor at the fugitives apartment complex, that the two people just returned and was very confident that one of them was our fugitive. I told the informant that we had been in contact with the Garden Grove P.D. and that we were concerned that the manufacturing of meth maybe taking place at the location and that he should call them immediately, he agreed. The police arrived on scene at around 12:45 am and attempted to make contact with the fugitive, after repeated knocks an occupant opened the door. The officers asked the male occupant if he knew of a Catherien Ross, his response was no and that he had lived there alone for over 5 years. The officers also asked if they could come in and look around but the occupant refused. The officers also told the individual that it is a felony to harbor a fugitive and if they find out that she is residing there they will take action against him as well; the individual said he understands and closed the door. At this point now the Garden Grove police officers on scene did not feel that they had probable cause to force entry and they alerted us that we would have to take action on our own. They reassured us that if we could get visual confirmation that the fugitive was located in the apartment unit, than they would take the appropriate action.

     After speaking with the officers I immediately contacted our professional fugitive recovery team headed by a veteran in the industry that i'll call "D". "D" is the principle at California Fugitive Warrants and has been our go to guy for many years; with a 100% success rate I knew that "D" and his team would be able to get the confirmation needed with out putting the neighbors in jeopardy. My personal fear was also that there are chemicals in the residence that could pose a real fire danger and threat to the other residents.

     The time is now approximately 2:30 am "D" and his team make contact with our informant. The informant tells "D" that he is absolutely positive that after the police left the fugitive came out to walk her dog and looked for the police. Once she was positive that the police were no longer at the apartment complex she went back inside. after 30 or so minutes the fugitive recovery team were able to confirm that the fugitive was inside and due to the fire hazard concerns "D" elected to contact local law enforcement for further action. upon the officers arriving on scene "D" explained to the officers what he saw and they agreed that action needed to be taken, not just to capture the fugitive but also to secure any possible hazards that maybe inside causing potential harm to the other tenants. A small team officers elected to use a battering ram to gain access to the apartment and upon doing so did indeed find both fugitive and the other tenant in a room, completely unaware of the great lengths involved into getting the situation resolved.

Were happy to say that the fugitive was taken into custody safely with no harm to either her or anyone else in the complex.

The male resident was also taken into custody and charged with harboring a fugitive as well as the following
(Updated 5-30-12)
The male residents name is Edgardo Perez, he was charged with the following:


His Case #12WF1352 Convicted on the possession charge

We at All American Bail 
Bonds would like to thank everyone involved from the bail agents and fugitive recovery agents to the informants and the officers with the Garden Grove Police Department. This whole situation is a perfect example of how bail bonding company's work with local law enforcement and the public to make their community's safer!

On a side note. Looking at the two pictures to the right you can see how meth destroys lives,

We as bail agents deal with drug users on a regular basis and we have seen that no good can come from the use of illegal narcotics. If you find yourself in a position where drugs have taken over your lives and have lost all control there is still help for you. Please visit the following California state funded web site for more details on you can get on the road to recovery.
Each and every state has programs put into place for
helping those who find them selves in addicted, please visit your states web site for more info.

Below are the new charged that Catherine will have to now deal with, she also has a no bail warrant out of Los Angeles County Long Beach Court.

We Pray that she gets the help she needs!

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