Monday, September 28, 2009

Ethics in Bail, A Better Bail Business

I am a bail bondsman with All American Bail Bonds. We are a bail bonding agency which employs over 20 people from office workers to agents. We currently have 3 offices throughout the Greater L.A. Metropolitan area. I am often asked “what is the most frustrating thing about your job”? And I say that it’s getting the bail, making sure the people make it to their court appearances and finding them when they don’t. My common answer is there is no one thing.
Lately because of the quick growth of our company I have been doing a lot of thinking. At this point I believe the most frustration “thing” in the bail bond business is ethics or lack of! Bail is a cash business, it can be a business of quick cash or quick failure. It is a business of constant stress which if handled well can lead to great reward. I guess one might think that this job is “good” some might say easy, the kind of job that you can learn by reading a book or studying others. In actuality, this job is far from easy and because at times it appears so easy you tend to see a lot of charlatans.
When people perceive that money can easily be made you will begin to see people out and about trying to make an easy buck by feeding on the fears and confusion of families and friends who have loved ones in jail. I think I am writing this not to appeal to our clients or potential clients but to appeal to the bondsmen out there to take back the business from the crooks who solicit illegally, who steal, who lie and those who are not even properly licensed. Yes, there are some bail companies out there as close as Van Nuys who aren’t even properly licensed, there are jailers in some of the local jails who are allegedly receiving kickbacks from local companies for sending bail their way or giving special privileges. For those who think I am writing this because of pettiness or I am just a complainer, they are wrong. Bail agents need to take back their business we need to band together to be more professional, more honest, and just better people.
There are too many snakes and rats in the farm. We need to put out the traps and eliminate the illegal and improper activities of our competitors. I look forward to the day when bail bondsmen are not thought of as crooks smoking cigars and doing deals in dark back allies. I wish to be looked at as a professional insurance agent, a master in his field. We need to have a code of unwritten rules on how to treat our clients. The people who are in need of our services are the ones that keep us in business. Let’s not lose our humanity, let’s not lose ourselves chasing the premium, the quick buck. I pray that those who read this will relate and band together to do right where others have done wrong. The agents out there who have been really writing bail know what I am talking about. You professional companies out there, lets unite. There are several good companies out there, the companies that have been here for years and will be here for many more. There are also other companies who have no idea what they’re doing. The individuals who are just looking to be somebody and make a quick buck; If we band together these rats, snakes and charlatans will be no more. We can have a more professional industry if we try.
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Thank You
“Because You Have the Right to Professional, Honest, and Ethical Bail”
Written by customer service, All American Bail Bonds.

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