Sunday, September 27, 2009

All American Bail Bonds Fugitive Recovery

The date is July 25th and you can call me agent 1, I am a fugitive recovery agent with All American Bail Bonds. Today we are going to revoke bail on one of our clients who has failed to check in and we have recently received credible information that he is currently using Meth and is a flight risk.

Our client from this point out will be called Brent. Brent lives in Hollywood with his young wife who is equally full of you know what. We originally bailed out Brent on a misdemeanor warrant out of riverside. Brent has a job at a local nightclub in West Hollywood and has failed to check in for over three weeks. We have tried to contact Brent on multiple occasions and we had recently found out that Brent has failed to appear on several other bonds posted previously, and after speaking with a mutual friend who notified us that he has been using meth for weeks, the head office has decided that bail revocation is necessary.

Well its Saturday July 25th and we are meeting at our North Hollywood office address 11526 Burbank Blvd North Hollywood Ca #20; we decided to do a early morning pick up so as to surprise Brent and hopefully get him while he was still asleep. There are three of us today and were driving one of our pick up vehicles, a late model mini van which my guys lovingly call the soccer mom van. We get to Brents house around 6:30 in the morning, I send agent 2 out around back of the apartment complex to the rear window while agent 3 and I go to the front I have agent 3 knock on the door claiming to be a neighbor with an emergency, stating he needs to use the phone. The door opens at that time agent 3 identifies himself and walks through the door tazer in hand, while I explain to the wife, who is the indemnitor, why we are there. While I am speaking with the wife do agent 2 squaks in on the radio and says he tazed the client while he was coming through the ally and now has him in custody. It appears that the defendant didn’t come in last night he had stayed out all night drinking and doing drugs. When brent saw our fugitive recovery agent in the ally he tried to turn and run. Agent 2 immediately identified himself gave pursuit and tazed the client which brought him to the ground. A couple seconds later he was handcuffs, he didn’t know what hit him. While this was all going on Agent 3 was in the bedroom getting ready to arrest another guy was naked in bed, that’s right naked in bed. It appears that the wife was having her own fun without her husband present, we later find out that she had got drunk and a friend had escorted her home because she couldn’t drive and of course one thing led to another. At this point now I am trying to keep a straight face but I can’t help but to think that maybe we’ve done more than just revoke a bail we may have just prevented a serious domestic disturbance. Well back to Brent, Agent 2 has taken him into custody and walked him to the vehicle with agent 3 while I explained to the wife why we were doing what we were doing. She tells me that Brent hasn’t been avoiding us it’s just he’s always drunk and doped up so he forgets to call. No excuses, we do our job, we drive Brent to Riverside county jail where he is promptly booked in and we all get some lunch and tell some good stories.
Written by Agent 1
All American Bail Bonds

“Because You have the Right to Bail”

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