Friday, May 21, 2010

Life as a bondsman, Life as a human, as a father!

As a bail bondsman I see it all, pain, misfortune, life. At the end of my day I look back and weigh in on everything I have seen. Why do I do the job I do? Is it the money, is it the security. Hell I know what it is, it a job. It’s a job that makes a difference; I help people in their times of need. What’s worse in life than being in jail and not understanding why or what’s next. A bail bondsman doesn’t judge, a bail bondsman doesn’t point fingers or do we?. You call me and I look at the facts, who are you and why do you belong on the street? In our system of law you are innocent until proven guilty, bull s**t, I have kids and I have a conscience. If I think your guilty, your guilty and I don’t post bail. Someone else can. The bail bondsman in many circumstances is the jury and he/she alone chooses your fate. People rely on attorneys for their defense but the bail bondsman is the person who decides if you are worthy to fight your case on the street or behind bars. Remember, we are families with loved ones of our own, we are people who value the law of man, but more importantly the laws of God! We are your best friend and in some cases your worse nightmare, we are the bail bondsman!

“Because You Have the Right to Bail”

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