Wednesday, May 12, 2010

LAPD officer pleads guilty to misdemeanor assault in Texas, From Bail Bondsman in Los Angeles

A Los Angeles police officer charged in Texas for allegedly forcing himself on a motel employee while she was retrieving a crib for his infant was placed on two years' probation after pleading guilty to misdemeanor assault, authorities said Wednesday.

As a condition of the plea deal, Silvio Sam Filipovich, 44, quit the LAPD and agreed not to reapply as a police officer in California or anywhere else.

"He had a history of hiding behind his uniform," said Mark Pryor, who prosecuted the case for the Travis County district attorney's office. "It was important to us, as the prosecuting authority, and the victim, that he [Filipovich] never be allowed to be a police officer again

Filipovich was on extended leave from the LAPD at the time of the April 2009 incident at the Mountain Star Lodge just outside Austin.

Authorities said the 22-year LAPD veteran, who was staying at the motel with his wife and child, asked the woman to retrieve a crib for the baby. He then allegedly pushed her into a closet and tried to fondle her before she fought him off. Prosecutors originally charged Filipovich with attempted sexual assault.

Filipovich had a history of misconduct allegations at the time of his arrest, according to records obtained by The Times.

The records dating to 1995 indicated LAPD officials had recommended discipline of more than 100 days for Filipovich's alleged offenses, including trying to improperly convert an on-duty contact into a social relationship, making a discourteous remark and being discourteous during traffic stops.

Department officials also alleged that while Filipovich was off duty, he inappropriately exposed himself in a public place. It was unclear from the records what, if any, discipline he received.

Filipovich could not be reached for comment.

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