Saturday, March 26, 2011

I can’t afford bail, what can I do?, From Bail Bondsman in Long Beach

We at All American Bail Bonds, a family owned and operated bail bonding corporation, have recently begun a new program for individuals, under other bail bonding companies policies, would be unable to afford the bail bonding process. We as bail bond professionals who have always done our best to help those in need and are now taking it one step further. If you find yourself with a loved one in jail and you meet our criteria you may qualify for a zero down, 0 down, bail bond with no interest and an easy payment plan with no true time restrictions.

It’s time to give more back!

We as a company have been writing bail for over ten years, and we have written thousands of bail bond policies for individuals looking to secure a bail bond for release from jail.

We want to do more!

We often come across people in this industry who are good people who just need a break, a chance to get their loved one out of jail and get their lives back on track; with our new policy of zero down, 0 down, bail with easy payments they will now have a chance to secure a fast release bail bond without having to put a single dollar down nor having to use collateral to guarantee the bail premium. The following are our requirements for the new zero down, 0 down, policy.

1. Inmate must be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident

2. Inmate must be a resident of any local city within Southern California for no less than 3 years

3. Inmate must have no serious criminal record, Call for details

4. Inmate must have no history of failing to appear

4. Inmate must be employed or have responsibilities that require his / her immediate attention

5. Inmate must have a co-signer

6. Co-signer must be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident

7. Co-signer must be a minimum of 24 yrs of age

8. Co-signer must hanve no history of failing to repay a bail bond premium

9. Cosigner must be a resident of any local city within Southern California for no less than 3 years

10. Co-Signer must be gainfully employed

11. Both Defendant and Co-Signer must agree, in writing, to a repay bail premium at pre-determined legal percentage of no less than 8% (per prop 103, restrictions apply) and no more than the California state regulated 10%

What we offer for those who qualify!

To make matters simple we will use a standard bail amount of $20,000 dollars for P.C. 459 (burglary) in Los Angeles County.

Example: John Doe is accused of allegedly shop lifting from local store, commonly seen within our industry.

John Doe has no serious criminal history, nor has ever been convicted of theft. Bail is set out 20k in Los Angeles County.

All American Bail Bonds will bail out John Doe through co-signer with the following required.

1. Co-Signer must be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident

2. Co-Signer must be from Southern California

3. Co-signer must be employed

4. No Credit Check will be required

5. No money down will be necessary

6. Co-Signer will have payments of $100 dollars a month for twenty months until balance is paid.

Now we understand that our new policies for helping others in need may lead to other bonding companies becoming upset with us, but we don’t care!

If you are an honest, good person in need of a bonding companies help, call us!

All American Bail Bonds can be reached 24 hours a day @ 866-743-8688. With multiple bail bonding offices throughout Los Angeles and Orange County you will always find an understanding bail agent and attentive ear to help you when you need someone most!

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