Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Deputy Involved Shooting in Palmdale Suspect/Child Deceased, By Palmdale Bail Bondsman

As a bail bonding service with a highly active office located in Palmdale ca All American Bail Bonds is often given information ahead of the public. This information was provided by the L.A. County Sheriffs Department.

Deputy-Involved Shooting with kidnapping suspect/father of baby. Kidnapped Palmdale baby dies tragically.

A 5-month baby has tragically died and a suspect who was involved in a Deputy-Involved Shooting in Palmdale is also deceased.

Palmdale Sheriff's Station deputies responded to a report of a child abduction in Palmdale at about 11:00AM, Tuesday.

They were told that a 17-year suspect had kidnapped his 5-month old baby son from a person who was taking care of the baby, and drove away.

As deputies investigated the kidnapping, the suspect phoned the mother of the baby and threatened to harm him.

An Amber Alert was issued which included notifying all area police agencies and the news media.

At about 3:35PM, Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies who were searching for the suspect and baby saw the suspect driving in the area and began to follow him. The deputies saw the suspect motion in a manner that appeared as though he was stabbing the baby as he drove his car. Attempting to get him to stop, deputies went in pursuit of the suspect's vehicle. After about 2-3 minutes, the suspect was involved in a single-vehicle collision, striking a building.

The suspect got out of the car and ran, and deputies chased him on foot.

Other deputies ran to the suspect's car, picked up the baby, and raced him to the hospital in their radio car. Unfortunately, the baby was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Deputies chased the suspect and saw him attempting to break into the home of a family the suspect didn't know, and a Deputy-Involved Shooting occurred. The suspect was able to break into the home, with deputies chasing after him. A second Deputy-Involved Shooting occurred inside the home.

The suspect is deceased.

No deputies were injured.

Whenever a Deputy-Involved Shooting occurs involving Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputies, and it results in a fatality, multiple independent investigations immediately begin at the scene. These include separate investigations by the Office of the Los Angeles County District Attorney, as well as investigations by Sheriff's Homicide Bureau and Internal Affairs Bureau. Attorneys with the Los Angeles Office of Independent Review also respond to the scene, and have full access to the facts known to the Sheriff's Department throughout every phase of these investigations. Once concluded, every aspect of the shooting is reviewed by the Sheriff's Executive Force Review Committee.

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