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No matter where you live if that state has private bail bonding company's, than I can assure you there are several.
We at All American Bail Bonds have been working in the bail industry for over a decade and in fact pushing 2 decades. We have seen so many company's come and go it 's actually quite humorous. These individuals get into the industry because it is a lucrative industry to work in; people can make a small fortune or they can lose big.
Because our industry is a cash business you will find not one not two but several shady organizations or individuals looking to make that Dollar.

God forbid, you ever find yourself in need of a bail bondsman but if you do this article is for you!

How to locate a credible bail bondsman? In todays digital age it seems like everyone looks to the internet or more specifically Google, MSN, or Yahoo. Now a days you can simply go to the search engine and simply put the key words "Bail Bonds" and you'll get a plethora of choices most of which will have a fancy website with bogus reviews and address locations that don't even exists.

Another option to find a credible bail bonding company is the phone book, but really who still uses the phone book for anything now a days?, believe it or not the phone book is a great place to find a credible company. The reason we have found that phone book still work is that the company's who have been in business the longest, which means they probably do the best business, still will advertise in the paper media knowing they can reach the largest audience in addition to the world wide web.

The following can be used for researching company's either online or in a phone book, most of the following more relates to searching online.

  1. When researching a company always check that the company has a valid insurance license in the state that you require their services. In California you want to go to the California department of Insurance, which can be located at Simply put in the name or license of the agent your checking and if there is in the system you'll get a hit. If you do get a valid hit check to make sure that the company has no negative history and if they do than you may want look into another company.
  2. Check on the company's address! This is a big problem with bonding company's advertising here in Los Angeles. Any city you type in you get a list of offices for companies who claim to operate in that city, but in fact there mostly bogus. Try it, go to Google and type in Palmdale Ca Bail Bonds (where All American Bail Bonds corporate office is located). Now take any company and go to the department of insurances web site and enter the company's license number, If their legitimate than they should have a license number listed on their website.
  3. Once you have found a company that you wish to use call them and begin to the ask the questions. Don't be afraid to ask the company that your calling all the questions you like, we work for you and if you don't feel comfortable with that company than it's time to call someone else.
  4. Once you have found the company you want use and you have agreed upon the payments and percentage rate than go to their local office and begin the paperwork. Here in California all the paperwork that you do has been approved by the Department of Insurance and much of it might feel unnecessary because of its redundancy but that's for your protection. We want to make sure that you have a complete understanding of what your signing. We never want to hear clients say that they didn't know what to expect or didn't understand.                                                                                                                                        Side Note: What is the legal percentage and how is it that some company offer less?  Will be answered in the next article.
  5. Once the paperwork is completed, the agent has done everything required by law and its surety, the agent will post the bond on the cleared inmate and await their release for further paperwork.
Now hopefully everything has gone the way its suppose to, you'll loved one should be out of jail with a future court date and everyone is happy. But what do you do if the bail agent doesn't perform to your expectations.

If you find yourself in a position where your unhappy with bail agent performance, whether it be that the agent mislead you or possibly revoked a bond without just cause, than you need to contact the Department of insurance in that state and lodge a formal complaint. I can tell you here in California we never want to here  a complaint from the Department and the mear threat alone maybe enough to get you the desired result.

If you find yourself in position that you require advice regarding a bad bail experience, we would love to help. Feel free to call one of our licensed professional bail agents at 866-743-8688.

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