Thursday, July 12, 2012

Palmdale Deputies thwarted a suicide attempt after chasing a 60 year old woman throughout the city From Bail Bondsman In Palmdale

Palmdale Deputies thwarted a suicide attempt Wednesday morning after chasing a 60 year old woman throughout the city. The incident began after deputies responded to the 1000 Block of East Avenue S, around midnight, regarding a critical missing adult. The informant on the call, the missing person’s son, indicated to handling deputies that his mother, 60 year old Monika Coombs, was missing and believed to be suicidal. She had left the home that evening in her Honda CRV. The son worried that based on her previous medical history and current state of mind, she might attempt to take her life. Deputies immediately broadcasted the description of both Coombs and her vehicle to assisting units, who began canvasing the area for her vehicle. At approximately 5:30 am deputies discovered Coombs’ parked near 40th Street East and Avenue Q-12. As deputies approached the vehicle, Coombs accelerated her car and swerved toward one of the deputies in an attempt to run him over. The Deputy was able to narrowly jump out of the way of the moving vehicle to safety. Using their handheld radios, deputies notified assisting units of Coombs’ actions and last seen direction of travel. Approximately ten minutes later assisting units found Coombs’ vehicle stuck in the sand near the 38200 Block of 37th Street East. The vehicle appeared to be abandoned as deputies approached. As deputies neared the car, they saw that Coombs lying down in the front seat attempting to cut her upper arm with a kitchen knife. Deputies also saw what appeared to be a note, indicating regret for Coombs’ actions, taped to the inside of her vehicles’ window. Fearing Coombs was attempting to take her life, deputies used their flashlight to break one of the windows. At the same time, Coombs began slashing her wrist with the knife and ignored deputies’ orders to drop the knife. In order to prevent Coombs from injuring herself further, deputies administered pepper spray into the interior of the vehicle, which caused Coombs to comply with deputies orders. Coombs was transported to a local medical facility and treated for her wounds before being booked at the Palmdale Sheriff Station for Assault with a Deadly Weapon on a Peace Officer. She was subsequently transported to Twin Towers Jail Facility where she is receiving continuing treatment for her self-inflicted wounds and mental observation. Coombs is currently being held on $100,000 bail with an arraignment date of July 13th 2012. The ongoing investigation is being handled by the Palmdale Sheriff Station’s Detective Bureau.

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