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17 Things to do to keep yourself safe from muggings, robberies, and other attacks, from Bail Bondsman in Los Angeles

1.On your mailbox or door buzzer, put only your last name. If you live alone, put a fictional roommate's name as well.

2.If a threatening person follows you into an apartment building or office building entrance, alert the desk attendant or doorman. Do not ride an elevator alone with the potential mugger. Even if you are carrying one of our Defense Pepper Sprays, it is better to avoid a dangerous situation altogether whenever possible.

3.Lock all of your doors and windows when you are going out or when you are home. Check out our selection of Home Security options to affordably add extra protection.

4.Install a peephole on your door.

5.Ask repairmen or service professionals for an ID card before letting them in. If you have any doubts, don't be afraid to call their place of business to double-check their identity. Once someone is inside your home, they represent a much greater danger than they would in a public space. Defense Pepper Sprays at the ready can help you get away and out of the house if necessary, but it is much easier to be sure they are who they say they are to minimize danger and stress.

6.Always travel with a companion when you can and steer clear of empty buildings, dark spaces, poorly lit streets, and areas known to be dangerous.

7.Carry Mace Pepper Sprays with you while traveling. A simple, safety solution.

8.Walk confidently when in public at a steady pace. Keep close to the curb and facing traffic. Have the sense of security that comes with carrying Defense Pepper Sprays, but convey through body language and speed that you are alert, aware, and not an easy target.

9.If you think someone is following you, cross the street. If he follows, walk quickly to a busy, well-lit area or go into a shop. Call the police.

10.Avoid delaying yourself by having your keys in hand when walking to your car or front door. Attach a Defense Pepper Spray keychain to your keys, and keep this at the ready.

11.Drive with the car doors locked. If you see an incident, don't get out to help but drive on to the nearest place where it is safe for you to report it by telephone. If you are being followed in your car, drive to a garage or police station and sound your horn or flash the lights until you attract attention. Don't drive home if you really don't feel safe.

12.If your car breaks down, stay in it and wait for a tow truck or police officer. If a stranger approaches, crack your windows and ask them to call the police if you haven't already. Wait inside until help arrives. If the stranger appears to be a threat, repeatedly beep your horn to draw attention to your car, or pull the pin on this Personal Alarm to release an ear-piercing sound. Let criminals know you aren't the right person to mess with - take control of your own well-being.

13.Always let family and friends know your usual route, your departure time, and your estimated time of arrival. Help keep them on the right safety track by providing them with Mace Pepper Sprays as well. We can't be there to protect our loved ones every minute of the day, but we can help them to protect themselves by sharing safety tips and products.

14.Park in well-lit areas and be sure to look around before getting in and out of your car.

15.When traveling alone, avoid wearing baggy clothing that could be easily grabbed by an attacker.

16.If you feel uncertain about traveling alone anywhere, carry Mace Pepper Sprays or other Defense Pepper Sprays with you. This extra bit of security can help you better enjoy yourself, and be prepared to protect yourself.

17.If you are attacked, do everything you can to do as much damage to your attacker as possible. Spray him in the face with Mace Pepper Spray. Stomp on his feet. Kick his groin. Just remember that the most important thing to do is to buy enough time to get away.

Yes you are right. There is nowhere in this world completely free of violence. It can literally happen any time and at any location. It is an unfortunate but inescapable truth that each and every one of us must take measures to prepare for a potential attack. We know you can't spend every moment of your life in perpetual fear, and we would never advocate such a life either. However, there are practices you can employ and self defense items you can arm yourself with to feel less anxious and stay safer.

From All American Bail Bonds Customer Service

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