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$0 Down Bail Bonds in Long Beach Ca., You Work You Bail 562-867-7900

Long Beach Ca is reported to have over 460,000 people currently located within the city and the city itself is the fifth  largest city within California. 
Long Beach is patrolled and protected by the Long Beach Police Department which is a municipal department not a county agency. 

As a bail bonding company operating a bail agency within the city, we understand Long Beach Bail Bonds; we at All American Bail Bonds also understand the importance of having someone to contact for bail information for inmates being held in the Long Beach police correcrtional facility. Our team of trained and certified bail bondsman are here to help you and your loved ones get the information needed to post bail and reunite with thier friends and families.

We understand that you have many options for bail agency's in Long Beach and we wish to be your final decision when it comes to bailing out of the Long Beach Police Department!
The following information is provided to those in need of bail information for individuals being held within the Long Beach Police Department Jail.

1. The booking process in Long Beach Jail will take, on a norm, around eight to twelve hours. Once arrested you can expect to go through a lengthy and thourough booking process.

2. Long Beach normally requires a bail bond on all charges stemming from an arrest within the city, we see many bail amounts from as little as $150 dollars on up. On smaller Bonds a cash bond may be a better option. Cash Bonds are explained in the Long Beach Bail Bonds Q & A.

3. D.U.I offenders will be released with an O.R. (Own Recognizance) but it normally takes an additional several hours. The inmates can bail out once cleared for bail.

4. If the inmate has an out of city warrant he/she will be transferred to the appropriate city police department for holding or if necessary county jail 

To View other Q. and A. Please Click the following link Bail Bonds in Long Beach Q. and A. 

Now if you elect to bail out your loved ones from the Long Beach Jail Facility we at All American Bail Bonds do offer multiple options from as little as $0 Down (No Money Down) plans with Flexible Payment Terms.

The motto "You Work You Bail" we take serious, if we can verify employment through either credit or other proof of employment, such as pay checks, you may qualify for the $0 Down Bail Bonds Program.

Here's how the $0 Down Programs works.

1. Call All American Bail Bonds in Long Beach @ 562-867-7900 or Toll Free 866-743-8688

2. Provide the Bail Agent that answers with the inmates name who is being held within the Long Beach Jail

3. Be prepared to provide the Bail Agent with your work information as well as the work information for the inmate, if applies.

4. The agent will ask some personal questions regarding the inmate relationship to the indemnitor as well as previous arrest history if any.

5. Once your approved the agent may have you come down to one of our offices whether it be closer to you or closer to the jail to complete the a bail bonds application. 

The fax or email service does apply but do to the nature of our business cannot always be guaranteed with the  $0 Down Bail Service, Please call for details

6. Once the inmate is cleared the bond will be posted with the desk clerk.

7. In approximately 30 minutes to an hour and a half the inmate, now called defendant, will be released.

Please click on the following link Long Beach Bail Bond Service we offer for additional info on our services.

All American Bail Bonds Long Beach can be reached at either of two seperate offices the following are the addresses.

All American Bail Bonds (24 Hour)
5517 E. Del Amo Blvd
Lakewood, Ca. 90713

All American  Bail Bonds (Call ahead for an Appointment)
421 W. Broadway 
Long Beach, Ca. 90802

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The following information has been provided from the Life of a Bail Bondsman Blog
if you are in need of any contact info please view
March 16, 2011 by Bail Bonds Los Angeles
Please Note all Numbers are (562) area code.
EMERGENCY 911 24 hours
POLICE DISPATCH 435-6711 24 Hours
GENERAL INFORMATION 570-7260 24 hours
Graffiti Removal/Hotline 570-2773 24 hours
Office of the Chief of Police 570-7301 8am-5pm
Internal Affairs 570-7343 7am-6pm
Media Relations 570-5273 8am-5pm
Financial Management Division 570-5668 8am-5pm
Personnel Division 570-7120 8am-5pm
Volunteers 570-5299 8am-5pm
Records and Technology Division
Records Inquiry Desk 570-7381 M-F 7am-7:30pm Sat. 9am-1pm
(Closed Last Sat. of Every Month)
Auto Records 570-7475 24 Hours
Detective Division 570-7218 7am-6pm
Auto Theft 570-7362 7am-6pm
Burglary 570-7351 7am-6pm
Computer Crimes 570-7223 7am-6pm
Forgery/Fraud 570-7330 7am-6pm
Identity Theft 570-7602 7am-6pm
Labor Relations 570-7219 8am-6pm
Permits/Licensing 570-7219 8am-6pm
Vice Section 570-7219 8am-6pm
Family Services Division
Child Abuse 570-7321 7am-6pm
Domestic Violence 570-7277 7am-6pm
Sex Crimes 570-7368 7am-6pm
Forensic Science Services Division 570-7701 8am-5pm
Bicycle Warehouse 570-1075 12pm-4:30pm
Property Detail 570-7660 6:30am-5pm
Gang & Violent Crimes Division 570-5529 7am-6pm
C-CAT 570-7231 7am-6pm
Gang Section 570-7370 7am-6pm
Homicide 570-7244 7am-6pm
Narcotics (Complaints) 570-7221 7am-6pm
Narcotics (24 Hour Hotline) 570-7125 24 Hours
Robbery 570-7464 7am-6pm
Violent Crimes 570-7250 7am-6pm
Youth Services Division 570-1425 24 Hours
Missing Person Reports 570-1425 24 Hours
PATROL BUREAU-570-7214 8am-5pm
South Patrol Division (Headquarters) – 400 W. Broadway 570-7260 24 hours
North Patrol Division – 4891 Atlantic Avenue 570-9800 Call for hours
East Patrol Division – 4800 Los Coyotes Diagonal 570-5880 Call for hours
West Patrol Division – 1835 Santa Fe 570-3400 Call for hours
Field Support Division
Accident Investigations 570-7355 7am-6pm
Marine Patrol 570-3246 8am-5pm
Reserves 570-7338 7am-6pm
570-7209 8am-5pm
Crime Prevention / Neighborhood Watch
570-7229 8am-5pm
Resource/Community Policing Center
1320 Gaviota Ave 570-1691 9am-5pm
1004 E. 7th St. 570-1114 9am-5pm
910 Daisy Ave. 570-1146 9am-5pm
2023 Pacific Ave. 570-1100 9am-5pm
SUPPORT BUREAU-570-7342 8am-5pm
Jail and Arrest Information 570-7260 or 570-7320 24 Hours

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