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5 People arrested for attempting to smuggle narcotics into Los Angeles County Jail, By Bail Bondsman in Los Angeles

Here at All American Bail Bonds we always strive to report stories that matter, the following new story was reported Late Saturday the 23, 2011. 

Please read the following story for further details.

Saturday April 23, 2011 11:12 PM PDT

Five people charged with attempting to smuggle narcotics into the LA Co jail - brothers, mother, others 
While investigating the case involving a convicted Pico Rivera murderer who tattooed his crime on his chest, Sheriff’s Homicide Sergeant Kevin Lloyd discovered yet another serious crime. 

Five suspects face felony charges of trying to smuggle heroin and methamphetamines into the Los Angeles County jail.  Arrested and/or charged for the drug offenses include convicted murderer Anthony Garcia, 25, his mother, brother and two other people.

On April 11, 2011, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office in Bellflower filed the case.  The five suspects have been charged with felony crimes associated with conspiracy to bring drugs into the jail system. 

That day (April 11), Sheriff’s Major Crimes Bureau detectives arrested Suspect John Garcia, as he left his Norwalk residence.  Suspect John Garcia is a gang member on parole and the brother of Anthony Garcia.  He is being held without bail permitted.

Suspect Vivian Garcia, is the 46-year old mother of Anthony and John Garcia, and a resident of Norwalk.  She was also arrested on April 11 when she went to Pico Rivera Sheriff’s Station to visit her newly arrested son.  She was released on April 12 on bond.

Suspect Manuel Bermudez, 32, a gang member and former resident of Downey is currently in state prison.  He has multiple felony convictions for narcotics and firearms offenses.

Suspect Cynthia Bermudez, the 29-year old girlfriend of Manuel Bermudez, was also arrested on April 11, at her residence in Huntington Park.  She was released on April 13 on $110,000.00 bond.

While awaiting trial in the unrelated Pico Rivera homicide case that was tattooed on his chest, Suspect Anthony Garcia allegedly conspired with the four other suspects to smuggle drugs into the county jail. 

Sheriff’s Homicide Detective Sergeant Lloyd discovered the alleged plot and worked with Sheriff’s Major Crimes Bureau Detective John Clark and other sheriff’s detectives to gather evidence in this case. 

Suspect Manuel Bermudez had been sentenced to four years in prison in an unrelated case.  He was due to turn himself in to court but his sentence had been delayed.  On June 10, 2010, he turned himself in at Norwalk Court, with four golf ball sized balloons of heroin and methamphetamine in his rectum.  Deputies had anticipated this and prevented the drugs from being brought into the jail system. Suspect Manuel was additionally charged with possession for sale of a controlled substance.  

Sheriff’s investigators delayed seeking a filing of this case with the District Attorney’s office, pending conclusion on the priority homicide case involving Anthony Garcia.

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