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All American Bail Bonds, Good Tips on how to Prevent Home Robberies while on Vacation

Here at All American Bail Bonds, we strive to always keep the public safe. We often receive good information from the local law enforcement agencies that we work closely with. 
The following information was provided to our All American Bail Bonding staff in Santa Clarita 
while at a local Sheriff function. Due to an abnormally high increase of home robberies we provide this info to help educate people in the simple things they can do to prevent the theft of 
their personal property as well as harm to themselves and their loved ones.

While On Vacation: 

• Ask a family member or friend or hire a house sitter to live in your home 

• Ask neighbors to help with your trash bins and newspaper. 

• Install an approved and monitored residential alarm system. 

• Park a neighbor’s car in your driveway. 

• Use timers on indoor lights to give the impression you are home. 

• Have merchandise delivered to a neighbor’s house. 

• Request Vacation Home Checks from your local Sheriff's or Police Station:  

Bright Ideas: 

• Install lights by all exterior doors. Use lights at night. 

• Install outside light fixtures where bulbs are hard to reach. 

• Illuminate house numbers for quick emergency services response. 

Doors & Windows: 

* Install good quality dead-bolts on your doors and USE THEM. 

• Change the locks when moving into a new residence. 

• Always lock your doors and windows. 

• Give your trusted neighbor / family member the spare key – Don’t hide it outside. 

• Use solid core or metal exterior doors. 

• Use dead bolt door locks on exterior doors and double cylinder dead bolt locks if glass is within 3 feet of the lock. 

• Add auxiliary track-type locks, removable drop bars, wooden dowels, or pinning devices to windows and sliding glass doors. 

• Upgrade locks to defeat bump keying. 

• Install peepholes on doors with 160 degree views so you don't have to open to door to see outside. 

• Use a locking mailbox. 

• Never leave notes for anyone on the door. 

• Keep your valuable personal information in a safe deposit box. 


• Trim tree branches 7 feet off the ground. 

• Prune shrubs to under 3 feet from the ground. 

• Use motion sensors and photocells on exterior floodlights. 

• Trim shrubs back from doors and windows. Don’t give burglars places to hide while they are breaking in. 

Dealing With Strangers: 

• Never let strangers enter your home. 

• Verify workers by identification cards and calling their employer. 

• Never give keys to workers. 

Vehicle Smarts: 

• Close the garage door and cover windows so no one can see inside. 

• Hide the garage door opener from open view in your car. 

* Don't leave valuables like your purse or GPS in plain sight 

* A shopping bag may be empty but looks valuable, so burglars will break in to get that too. 

For more information please check back in periodically for updates.

If you like you can reach All American Bail Bonds directly  @ 866-743-8688 or on the web @

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